Our Support

Academic support and advising are intentional and comprehensive throughout your four years. W&J College is committed to the academic success of every admitted student, from start to finish. From designing your schedule, to mastering a specific subject, to embarking on your journey after you graduate from W&J College, we support you.

Career Support

The Center for Professional Pathways assists you with career development through career counseling, workshops, and more. As an undergraduate, you'll have faculty support securing internships and hands-on opportunities to prepare for your career.

Academic Support Services

You'll find a variety of academic support services designed to promote the academic success of every admitted student.

If you're a student with documented disabilities, the Director for Academic Success will work with you on a case-by-case basis to identify and facilitate any accommodations required to create an accessible learning environment.

If you're an international student, the Office of International Student Intiatives will provide academic, cultural, and social support for your unique experience studying abroad in the United States.

For all students, sometimes your best source for academic support comes from your peers, those who have traveled the same route ahead of you with success. The Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) program provides peer-based assistance with writing and in specific subject areas.

The Writing Center is committed to supporting a student's growth as a writer and empowering them to claim and effectively utilize their individual voices. At the Writing Center, student writers learn to think critically, communicate clearly, and successfully transfer their writing skills.

PrezPathways provide coordinated and personalized guidance to each student, providing the student’s network of advisors a way to identify students who are struggling and may need additional support.

Academic Advisors

Your academic advisor guides you all four years of your degree, helping you plan your schedule each semester for on-time graduation and find the best opportunities for the path you're on.

Health & Wellness

Your health and wellness are important to us as it impacts your ability to learn and reach your potential. Our Health and Counseling Center provides short-term, solution-focused care for your physical and psychological health and wellness education to enhance your overall well-being and safety.

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